Latest Policies Regarding Sexual Harassment

All Accreditation Policy is available and online on the Sheriff Intranet. SCSO Policy, Jail SOP, Divisional Standard Operating Procedures, and Post Orders are located on the Policies & Procedures navigational links. Here are some of the latest SCSO Policies regarding Sexual Harassment:

Team’s Objectives

  • Continuously develop and implement effective ongoing training
  • Maintain a high profile to emphasize the Sheriff’s ZERO TOLERANCE message
  • Receive and report complaints of sexual harassment
  • Resolve matters when requested
  • Review complaints and make findings when appropriate

Reporting a Complaint of Sexual Harassment

Any employee or manager of the Sheriff’s Office may report a complaint of sexual harassment by any of the following methods:

  • Contact a Prevention Team Member
  • Report conduct to a Manager or Supervisor
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Human Resources Advisor
  • Contact Shelby County Human Resources
  • Notify the Shelby County EOC