Protecting those in our care and custody at the Shelby County Jail

Our Mission Statement

JailerThe Shelby County Jail is an accredited facility with the American Corrections Association.  The average daily census for the two facilities for men and women is almost 3,000 inmates.  Yearly bookings average 56,000.

Male inmates are housed in downtown Memphis at 201 Poplar Avenue.  The women’s facility is in east Memphis at 6201 Haley Road.

The Chief Jailer and his staff provide continuous oversight of operations and daily expenses.  Monthly and weekly meetings with unit managers track bookings, processing times and inmate program involvement.

The Shelby County Jail also houses an average of 70 juveniles per day who are being held for violent crimes.

Visitation Hours

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Visitation Schedule

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Visitor Rules and Regulations

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Sheriff Inmate Handbook

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Need to get someone out of jail?

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Shelby County Jail's Prepaid Calling Accounts through Global Tel* Link

Global Tel* Link



GTL's AdvancePay allows the family members and friends of inmates to set up prepaid calling accounts to pay the fees for collect call charges.

How It Works

AdvancePay allows inmates to call your telephone number without the restrictions of standard billing. When an inmate attempts to dial a blocked number, the inmate is placed on hold and AdvancePay will provide the option to the called party to set up a prepaid account. After the prepaid account is established, collect calls to the telephone number may be placed up to the prepaid amount in the account. After the amount of money is used, the system will prompt the user to add funds to their AdvancePay account.

The easiest way to establish an AdvancePay account is through GTL's automated phone system with either $25.00 or $50.00 made via credit card. Alternately, customers can go to and click on the web payment link. New deposit services are available on the GTL site. (

In addition to the automated phone system and website, accounts can be established and payments can be made through the AdvancePay customer service department, Western Union, and by mailing checks or money orders.

The system is completely automated and can be accessed by calling the following numbers:

Block Inmate Calls

To have GTL block your residence number from receiving phone calls from Shelby County Jail phones, call GTL at 1-877-856-3184.

How to Request a Refund

Should you or another person accidentally accept an unwanted call from a jail inmate, call 1-877-650-4249 to request a refund.

Billing and Customer Service Issues: 1-877-856-3184, Option 1


The AdvancePay Service Department is ready to answer all billing related questions:

Toll Free Number: 1-866-230-7761

Fax Number: 251-473-2802

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 7am to 11pm, CST
Saturday & Sunday 8am to 7pm, CST

Mailing Address:

AdvancePay Service Dept.
Department 1722
Denver, Colorado 80291-1722

Jail Administration

Jail Director:
Chief Robert Moore

Assistant Chief of Jail Security:
Chief Charline McGhee

Assistant Chief of Jail Programs:
Chief Debra Hammons

How to post bond?

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Phone: (901) 222-4700

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