Law Enforcement Report Card

The CompStat Report Card provides the latest statistics for the areas in Shelby County that the Sheriff’s Office has primary law enforcement responsibilities for including the latest crime statistics. The Compstat Report is a cooperative effort that brings together several divisions of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. The divisions include 911 Communications, Fugitive division, and Uniform Patrol division. We have monthly meetings and a statistical report is created to summarize crime stats and trends. Many of these reports contain statistical graphs and maps of the Shelby County area served by the Sheriff's Office.

The 4 Main “Principles” or “Fundamentals” of Compstat

  • Accurate and Timely Intelligence
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Effective Tactics
  • Relentless Followup

Need to know the latest crime trends in YOUR Shelby County neighborhood?

The latest Compstat Report is available in downloadable Adobe PDF format. You may also view our Crime Stat Maps Galleries for other selected months. Please keep in mind that some of these downloads are rather large and may take some time on a non-broadband connection.

Click here to view the latest Law Enforcement Report Card PDF

NEW! Large Shelby County Map (21MB) illustrating streets and Law Enforcement Districts and Wards. This is a high resolution PDF file and may take some time to download on low bandwidth connections. This is an excellent map to help the community learn about their district and ward boundaries. The map shows areas of recent city annexation as well. Click to download this map today!

We also provide crime maps of recent crimes and areas we have determined to be hotspots. The Crime Maps Picture Galleries are provided by our Crime Analysis Division. Photo galleries of our best crime maps have been created for viewing individual maps online. These are updated often, and show crimes in a map format for all Shelby County Districts.

NEW! Viewable Crime Stats Maps Gallery for (December 2006 - February 2007)

Viewable Crime Stats Maps Gallery for Year-to-Date (January - May 2006)

Viewable Crime Stats Maps Gallery for March 2006

Viewable Crime Stats Maps Gallery for March 2005