S.H.A.R.E. (Sheriff’s Hub and Resource Exchange)

WHAT IS S.H.A.R.E.?  An initiative to assist in addressing neighborhood crime issues using digital media.  Concerned citizens and businesses can do two things.

  1. 1. SHARE photos and videos of crimes anonymously. To anonymously upload a photo(s), video or video link: Click here

  2. 2. To register your home or business security camera: Click here

We DO NOT want access to camera(s). We just need the video provided at your discretion if we determine you could possibly have video relevant to a crime in the vicinity of your camera.

S.H.A.R.E. (Sheriff's Hub and Resource Exchange) is a proactive, problem-solving partnership with the community to provide prevention and investigative tools to allow the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to more easily solve crimes. An additional benefit is the ability to identify the locations of video surveillance systems which will enable SCSO detectives to enlist the assistance of the community to help obtain video evidence to investigate criminal activities. The program proactively partners with residents and businesses to keep our community safe and solve crime.

HOW DOES IT WORK? If you witness a crime, send us your video link. Or upload a photo or video and send it to SCSO. Also, if you register your security camera(s) with us, we will contact you by email or phone to see if you may have video footage of value for a crime that occurred in your area. We DO NOT want access to your cameras. We just need the video footage.

(To register go to and click on the SHARE icon at the bottom of the page or under Resources at the top of the page. Complete the form and click “submit.”)

If you have any questions, desire to opt out after registering, or are not registered and just want to share a video, send an email to

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Video surveillance is one of the best methods to catch suspects and convict them. Deputies can quickly identify nearby cameras that may have captured criminal activity. Criminals are caught in the act. Many residents and business owners are unaware that their camera systems may have captured information that could help solve a crime.


FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will you know if I have a video of a crime?

We regularly plot crimes on a map and then overlay it with camera locations to determine if a camera may have captured footage. You will be contacted by phone and email only when necessary.

Is the information of registered camera owners shared?

No, only authorized persons of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office have access. We will only share specific information outside the SCSO when necessary to do so during a criminal investigation.

What if the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office does not provide my patrol and primary response to calls for service. Can I still register my camera?

You can still register your camera and we will forward to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

If I have a registered camera(s), can I still send video and photos anonymously?

Absolutely. In fact, we prefer you to do it that way.

Will I remain unidentified if I submit photos or video anonymously?

Completely. No effort is made to determine where photos, links or videos come from when sent anonymously.

What if my video is too large to upload via the Internet?

You will not be able to upload anonymously.  Please email us at with contact information for directions on how you can share. 

If I submit a tip/video/photo, will I have to testify?

If you submitted “anonymously” -- no. We will not know who you are.

If I submit a tip/video/photo that leads to an arrest or solves a crime, can I receive Crimestoppers money?

No. This program is not associated with CrimeStoppers of Memphis Shelby County, Inc./ 528-CASH.  It is an alternative.  As an option, you can go to the CrimeStoppers’ website at, click on “CONTACT” at the top of the page and then click on…”Tip by secure email: Fill out this secure web form and leave your tip.”


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Register your camera with the SCSO

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You can remove your registered camera at anytime by sending an email request to